In modern education system, there is more to learn by venturing beyond the boundaries of the school. This education system was the fulcrum of learning process during ancient Vedic times. The modern education system with outward way of gathering values in students creates a better human amongst them. At Meridian, we give a high priority to this way of learning. These values give back to the community and society making it a healthy and a peaceful way of life for students.

Urban-Rural Bridge

A synergy between city life and rural life is vital for overall development of the society and the country. An understanding of rural way of life for the citizens gives them an interactive experience and similarly the rural folks get to know the city way of living. Meridian School has adopted 23 Govt. Schools in Mahabubnagar Dist. Of Telangana. Under this program the school has constructed washrooms for girl students which has promoted them to continue with their education. A mutual exchange of students from the district schools happens every year for enhancement of education and life skills.

Flood Relief Programme

During the trying times of floods in Kurnool, Kanchipuram and Kerala Meridianites came forward with the spirit of humanity and worked relentlessly by pooling up all possible resources and distributing survival kits to help those in distress.

 Visit to Orphanages

In our social fabric there are some underprivileged children who are bereft of love and affection. These children yearn to get the feel of happiness which the Rotary Club of Meridian understands and plans regular visits. Under such a programme, an annual visit to orphanages like ‘Helping Hands Humanities’ is undertaken to entertain, engage and teach such children. Activities like playing musical instruments, organizing games, quiz programmes, dance programmes etc. are organized to give joy and happiness to these children.

 Visit to Old Age Homes

In modern societies, just like underprivileged children the elderly are also often neglected. Therefore, there are some organizations who work with the help of donations to take care of such elderly people who require love and affection in their twilight years. Meridian takes initiative in raising funds and donates to such organizations like ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’. In addition to the financial help, students take steps forward in making greeting cards, gifting flowers and entertaining them with songs and dance.

Adoption of Cows and Calfs

We at Meridian give priority to protect flora and fauna. The children are regularly educated to conserve and protect these valuable resources. Under this programme, Meridian takes pride in adopting cows and calves in association with Satyam Sivam Sundaram Goshala.

A Fistful of Rice

‘Service to Mankind is Service to God’

Hunger is the worst enemy of all living beings. Particularly in an organised society if someone goes hungry it is an appalling situation. Keeping this in mind, we in Meridian undertake projects to contribute towards reducing malnutrition and hunger. Under this project, the entire school collected food grains and donated to Ramakrishna Math. This inculcates a sense of responsibility in our students who never miss an opportunity when it comes to contributing to the society.