Meridian Scholarship Programme aims to award scholarships to exceptional, highly motivated and deserving students in the area of Academics / Sports.

  • Scholarships shall be strictly based on their Merit cum Need.
  • Scholarships are available to new students taking admission to either Grade 9 or Grade 11 and shall be awarded for a maximum of two-year academic period.
  • All Scholarships granted are reviewed annually and are based on the continued performance of the awardee.


To be eligible to apply, students must meet the following ‘Minimum Eligibility Criterion’ in the preceding grade:

Curriculum Minimum Eligibility Criterion
CBSE 92% and above
ICSE 92% and above
IGCSE Minimum 5 A*and not more than one C
Any other Curriculum Equivalent to the grading system above for which Meridian shall create a matrix


For students who have consistently shown outstanding merit and achievement at National and International level Sporting Events & Tournaments.

The criterion mentioned above merely defines the ‘eligibility’ for applying for a Scholarship. Scholarships are limited in number and the decision of awarding a scholarship will be based on a series of processes in addition to some other assessment criterion. Scholarships can never be assumed as a right.