A Warm Welcome: FRESHERS 2023-24 at Meridian Banjara

At Meridian Banjara, the seniors of Grade 12 recently hosted an unforgettable event – FRESHERS 2023-24. This gathering aimed to give a heartfelt welcome to the juniors of Grade 11, setting the stage for a year of camaraderie and shared experiences.

The event was marked by a mix of excitement and nerves as the newcomers to Grade 11, the freshers, entered the venue. What awaited them was a warm and cordial reception from their senior counterparts, who were determined to make them feel at ease.

Abdus Samad was crowned Mr. Fresher, while Yuvika Makhariya earned the title of Ms. Fresher. Beyond the titles, these awards symbolized the unity and friendship that Meridian Banjara nurtures among its students, emphasizing that each student is a valued part of a supportive and encouraging school community.

Events like FRESHERS play a significant role in fostering a sense of belonging and unity while encouraging students to explore their talents and build lasting friendships. This event marks the beginning of a promising journey for the students of Meridian Banjara, filled with opportunities for growth and shared experiences.