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@ Meridian School , Kukatpally

Evolution of Education system through Time Machine.

Beginning with Stone Age – how nature was the best teacher and many things were invented thereby resulting in Evolution…. Bringing in Gurukul system of education where the focus was on Life skills and practical learning and now Modern methods of education through Competency based learning , Art integration , Gamification ,STEM EDUCATION. Skill enhancement at PP1 level . Focus on FLN ( Foundational Literacy & Numeracy) & Practical life skills

Mama Earth – Respect Nature and enhance learning. Concepts of Language , Numeracy , STEM , Life skills enhanced through story telling , dance , drama , games , critical thinking games etc.

Reading – A treasure

Welcome to the world of reading . Introducing book reading as bed time stories to gradation through exposure to different genres, characterisation, vocabulary building , puzzles, research techniques etc .

The whole school is full of learning in different ways.

Antiquity to AI ( Traditional concepts to AI based concepts )

Showcasing Emotions ,Expressions & Feelings through mythological stories

Concepts of Mathematics in Skills

Fashion designing , Architecture, Culinary arts , Tourism , Entrepreneurship, Computational thinking and so on .

Timeline of the Periods in History from Stone age to Paleolithic age , to Mesolithic Age , to Classical age , to Medevial era ,to Modern era

Language enhancement through *Story Lab book*, types of recitations , tongue twisters , dramas , role plays , declamation, debates , writing skills , recipe cards and so on…

It was an enriching experience for both – parents as well as students.