Career Guidance

At MERIDIAN, our career guidance program commences in Grade IX, where we begin preparing students for their future paths. One of the key initiatives we undertake is hosting annual University Fairs on campus. During these fairs, representatives from universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, and India provide valuable information to students regarding available courses, eligibility criteria, scholarships, and the admission process.
Through these University Fairs, students gain exposure to a wide range of career options that align with their interests and abilities. Our dedicated Career and College Counselors play a crucial role in guiding students and providing them with insights into various career paths. These counselors assist students in exploring and identifying their passions, strengths, and goals, ultimately aiding them in making informed decisions about their future academic and professional pursuits.

Professional Career Advice and Guest Lectures Choosing a career or study program is daunting. Students at Meridian have opportunities to meet experts from various fields who can share a wealth of experience that can help them make informed decisions. SOP, Essay Writing is important, but a great college application essay is equally important. Workshops are conducted to help students develop the writing skills they need to write an outstanding application essay,
Preparatory courses and testing for SAT, PSAT, AP and ACT. We guide students through preparatory courses and tests like the SAT, PSAT, AP, ACT, CLAT.

Personalised Attention
At MERIDIAN, we prioritize personalized guidance for our students. Through one-on-one counseling sessions, we aim to understand their individual aptitudes, skills, and preferences.
This enables us to assist them in identifying universities, majors, and courses that align with their unique strengths and interests.
Our counselors work closely with students to explore their academic and career goals. By studying their abilities, passions, and aspirations, we provide tailored guidance to help them navigate the vast array of options available.
University Visits To help senior secondary students to understand university life and facilities, university visits are organized.

Summer Internship
Meridian Schools career guidance department is committed to provide extensive support to our students in securing internships, both real and virtual, at renowned organizations across diverse industries. We facilitate opportunities for our students to engage in meaningful internships during the summer and throughout the year.
Our students have successfully participated in prestigious summer programs offered by esteemed institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, and other universities. Their exceptional performance during these programs has earned them accolades and recognition.
We strive to connect our students with valuable internship experiences that not only enhance their knowledge and skills but also broaden their perspectives and contribute to their personal and professional growth. By fostering these opportunities, we aim to equip our students with practical exposure and real-world experience, preparing them for future endeavors and ensuring their readiness to excel in their chosen fields.

Career Conversations with Alumni
At Meridian School, we value the invaluable insights and experiences shared by our alumni. To facilitate this, we organize interactive sessions for students in Grades XI and XII, where alumni are invited to share their personal journeys and offer valuable career advice.

These sessions play a crucial role in guiding our current students towards professional success and enhancing the reputation of our institution.
Our alumni serve as mentors, leveraging their expertise in specific fields to provide guidance
and support to our students. They offer mentorship opportunities, helping students navigate their chosen paths and gain practical knowledge. Additionally, our alumni often extend internship opportunities to current students, further enriching their learning experiences.

We take pride in the achievements of our alumni, who have secured admissions in leading universities in India and across the globe. They have also established themselves in promising positions in various industries. This success reflects the quality education and
holistic development offered at Meridian School. Through our alumni engagement initiatives, we foster a strong network of support and mentorship, empowering our students to follow the footsteps of our accomplished alumni and achieve their own professional milestones.
18 th August 2023 –University Fair – International Universities
13 th November 2023 – University Fair – Indian Universities
– Ms. Rajatha Gora, Career Counsellor