Nurtured under the Tutelage!

A collective of thinkers and visionaries with the singular passion of providing quality education for future generations from across the country are all gathered under the umbrella of Butta Education that is set to promote learning of International standards in India. The leadership cadre of Meridian Schools is given utmost freedom to run the schools as deemed fit to be acclaimed and accepted as globally ranked premium institutions.

Transformation of the world begins with the evolution of its most dynamic citizens, the youth. Meridian is committed to shaping the future of the world by grooming future citizens. We aim at providing not just quality education but to spot latent talent in diverse areas and nurture it. Our endeavour has been to familiarise, understand and assimilate the nuances of global education and tune it to suit the needs of our learners. In this attempt we have been extremely successful.

Dr. D. Usha Reddy
CEO, Meridian Schools

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