Dussehra vacation

Meridian School Banjara Hills made Dussehra vacation most experiential and memorable for its students with the educational excursion to Ahemdabad, the city of history and culture.

Here are the highlights:

Day 1: The silent and serene walls of Sabarmati Ashram cried out Gandhiji’s struggle for India’s freedom. We felt his tranquility, simplicity and humility in its air and it lingers forever in our hearts.

Day 2: A visit to an enthralling ISKCON temple filled us with joy and devotional exuberance. We sang and danced to the musical chant of Hare Krishna Hare Rama.

Then followed, our visit to ISRO- Indian Space Research Organisation. Our pride and joy for the success of Chandrayan -III oozed out of us, as we witnessed its exhibits.

Then at twilight, as the sky turned gaudy, we reached the Attal bridge and felt magical in those colorful waters.

Day 3: The long ride to Narmada from Ahmedabad was full of masti and maza in the bus.

At Tent City, we saw the imposing and most impressive Statue of Unity. The ‘Iron Man of India ‘, Sardar Vallabhai Patel looked magnificent and full of life.

Day 4: The most thrilling water-show followed by the visit to the grand statue of Lord Narayan left us with an incredible awe.

Day 5: Like a cherry on top, our trip ended with a visit to the amazing Science City which was replete with the rarest of fishes, sharks, and other fascinating marine animals.