Exploring Ancient History: Grade 6 Students’ Visit to Centenary Heritage Museum

The Grade 6 students of Meridian Banjara embarked on a captivating journey into the past with their visit to the Centenary Heritage Museum in Gunfoundry, Hyderabad, on August 29th, 2023. This excursion was a crucial component of their ancient history curriculum.

The museum served as a portal to history, housing a diverse array of artifacts dating back to the period of 4000 to 2000 BCE. These treasures were unearthed by dedicated archaeologists and provided invaluable insights into the ancient world.

The exhibits were a feast for the senses, featuring terracotta sculptures, stucco art, metalwork, stone figurines, and intricate murals. Students were also able to get up close to prehistoric stone tools and weapons, gaining a tangible connection to the daily lives of our ancestors.

The megalithic culture section shed light on ancient burial practices and rituals, while prehistoric paintings showcased the artistic expressions of early civilizations.

One of the highlights was the temple model and temple gateway displays, which transported the students to a time of architectural marvels and spiritual devotion.

The visit left an indelible impression on the students, igniting their curiosity and deepening their appreciation for our ancient heritage. It was a journey through time that will undoubtedly shape their understanding of history and culture for years to come.