Heritage is the full range of our inherited traditions, monuments, objects and culture. It is the range of contemporary activities, meanings and behaviours that we draw from them.

India is a land of cultural and architectural diversities exhibiting the best of the monuments, palaces, temples, representing the various dynasties that ruled over India.

One will be awestruck by the magnificent skills that were exhibited by the artists of that time. Each one is a marvel in its own way.

The Social Science Department at Meridian School, Banjara hills believes that it is our duty to make the students acquaint with the Indian Heritage and make them to explore the richness of our country’s ancient culture and tradition.

Under the concept called ‘Bharat Ek Koj ‘we conduct Heritage quiz competitions to make the students research and explore many facts and artefacts and appreciate the great cultural heritage of Our Country.

Every year we compile the activities done in our school and send it to INTACH CLUB headquarters located in New Delhi, in the form of PPT .

In 2017-18 we were awarded 3rd place all over India for our documentation.

In 2018 -19 we were awarded Special Mention memento.

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