Interact is a service club of Rotary Club International. The aim of the club is to take action, build understanding, make new friends and help the society. The Interact Club of Meridian School in association with Rotary Club of Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad aims to aid Meridian students to understand this fine line, and ‘making the change we wish to see in the world’, as Mahatma Gandhiji wisely said.


Just as the Meridian motto says- ‘Connecting the Mind and Heart’ – the members of the Interact Club have been using this sense of Empathy to arouse humanity not just in themselves, but also in others. With more than 10 years in the bag, and countless projects varying in type and objective, the Club has been improving the lives of humans, plants, and animals alike! And every project has a team effort of several helping hands from fellow students and thus helping shape even their lives with the thought of nurturing the world around-us with the thought of Humanity.


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