Multiple learning styles

Teachers at Meridian School Banjara Hills take all the different styles of learning into account while delivering  the lessons in a class of varied abilities. Each class is fitted with a Smart board with uninterrupted connectivity to enable teachers to present their lessons visually and students too share their presentations through the same. The School is tied up with Extra marks to impart visual and aural instruction. The social learning takes place through social service activities including visits to Old age homes and with orphanages, raising funds for relief etc.

Internship Programme: Learning  in Senior Secondary classes is strengthened by hands on experience through a week long internship program in both science and commerce streams.  Students visit different organisations and Laboratories and hospitals as a part of learning the practical side of the theory lessons learnt in the classrooms. Some of the organisations that offered internship are Metamorphosis, Best Mom, Corteva, Corpus Juris Law Firm and Cancer Hospital.

The school focuses more on Problem based teaching methods than the traditional methods. At the same time values are not lost. Most of the student and teacher orientation programs is facilitated to create a friendly learning environment for all.

Workshops and Orientation sessions: Every subject organizes number of workshops and orientation programmes for students offered by eminent resource persons. This added information helps them understand the range and scope of the subject.

Learning is Fun

Book Reading Club, Under the Mango Tree:  The Department of English has initiated a book reading club where in the members are encouraged to indulge in the hobby of reading novels, both classic and modern. The club conducts quizzes and puzzles based on the books read in the fortnight.

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