‘What can be learned in the playground cannot be learned in the classroom.’ Physical education is an integral part of any child’s education as it enhances skills like strength, speed, endurance, agility, balance and flexibility. Meridian school lays strong emphasis on sports and physical development of students.

Sporting Activities

Sports and Games encompass more than just  the benefits of physical things but also increase confidence, self esteem and mental alertness. Every student of Meridian exhibits true sportsmanship which is very essential to deal with life’s challenges. We proudly boast of our expert coaches and trainers who trained the students to win various competitions at Nationals. We offer various sports

such as Cricket, Basket Ball, Throw Ball, Table Tennis, Chess, Yoga, Taekwondo.

Scouts and Guides

To help build a better world where people are self fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society, the school has started Scouts and Guides programme in collaboration with Universal Scouts and Guides.


The practice of Yoga leads to union of individual consciousness with that of the Universal Consciousness indicating a perfect harmony between the mind and body, Man and Nature. At Meridian both yoga and physical education are seen as routes for achieving overall development of the students.

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