A teacher must grow not only with but above the student in order to win the confidence of the latter. Meridian believes in updating and upgrading teachers professional skills by honing not only their academic skills but also their social and emotional skills in various methods. This is done to improve their competency levels and to empower them to teach to a child of next generation.

Professional development of teachers takes place through

  • Various workshops conducted by eminent resource persons in varied methodologies with remarkable expertise. Some are subject oriented and some are generic.
  • In service teacher orientation programs conducted by CBSE.
  • Enrolling in online courses through reputed universities like Cambridge, Allison, Stanford, Harvard, Coursera etc.
  • Appearing for CENTA – TPO exam
  • Attending Subject wise Department Meetings on a weekly basis.
  • Attending Evaluation Orientation Sessions conducted by CBSE
  • Exchange programs with other schools
  • Sharing any new development in the field of education.

Social and Emotional skills

  • Workshops dealing with stress management, self-introspection and personality development
  • Meditation sessions to enhance physical and emotional well-being in the evenings during pandemic
  • Practice of yoga in the leisure time and during breaks
  • Outings and recreational staff picnics
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